Hi, I am Mags Fleming and I am a fully qualified Freelance Hairdresser from the UK, with many years of salon experience.

After moving to Switzerland in 2015 and discovering from the many expats I had met, that there was a massive need for an English-speaking hairdresser, I created Mags Fleming Hair in 2017.

I now work mostly in and around the Cantons of Zurich and Zug, taking my services to the homes of my clients.

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Flexible hours

I realise its not always possible to have your hair done during the normal working day, therefore I provide weekend options and some evening appointments. This is especially useful for families.

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I travel to you

Sometimes its not possible to travel to and from a salon within the confines of school/working hours, so I take that stress away, by bringing my services to your home.

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Fitting into school schedules

The swiss school hours are not always easy to negotiate, sometimes 2 children within the one family having different timetables and afternoons free. By having your hair done in your home, you no longer need to worry about rushing home for school finishing.

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No childcare worries

With many of my clients being expats they do not have the luxury of having friends and families around to help with childcare, to allow time for a salon visit. I can give you that salon experience, without having to worry about your little ones.

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English speaking

Coming from Scotland, I understand the stress of trying to learn a new language and worse, the torture of trying to explain in a foreign language, how you would like your hair cut or styled. Although I do now speak basic German, most of my clientele are English speaking.

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Weekend appointments

As well as lots of mums and mum-preneurs, my clientele includes many fulltime businesswomen and men. Naturally, its more convenient for them to have their hair done at the weekend, especially if they want to have the whole family attended to, so I work selected weekends in the month.

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No time pressures

Having spent many years in my trade, I know how stressful it can be when having your hair done with children around. Who knows when they will need fed, nappy changed or sometimes just a cuddle from mum or dad? I never book my appointments too close together, allowing plenty of time for you to have as relaxing an experience as possible.

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Hygiene standards

In light of recent events, I would like to reassure my clients that I will continue to work to the highest standards of hygiene. Every client will have their own freshly laundered gown and disposable towels, packaged individually, to ensure no cross-infection. All brushes/combs and scissors are cleaned and sterilized daily.

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Luxury Paul Mitchell and Moroccan Oil products

I have worked with Paul Mitchell and Morrocan Oil products for many years and can’t recommend them enough. After trying other brands with disappointing results, I recently became a retailer for Paul Mitchell, so that I could use and recommend products I trust and believe in, to guarantee you great hair results every day. My salon shop also provides the option to buy many other products and brushes online, or alternatively I can bring my products along when I visit you for an appointment.

Online Shop

Visit our online shop to get your favourite hair care products.

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